Real Estate Law Litigation and Transactions

The Law Offices of Walter Parsley represents both individual and institutional clients in real estate matters. Clients include buyers, sellers, lenders, property managers, developers, landlords and tenants in a wide variety of real estate disputes and transactions, such as the following:

Practice areas

  • Tenancy in Common ("TIC") Creation
  • Tenancy in Common ("TIC") Disputes
  • Tenancy in Common ("TIC") Dispute Mediations
  • Private Buy-Sell Transactions
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Loan Documentation, Deeds & Deeds of Trust
  • Trust and Trust Disputes
  • Partition, Quiet Title Actions, Adverse Possession, Boundary, and Access Disputes
  • Construction Disputes and Mechanics Liens
  • San Francisco Residential Landlord-Tenant
  • Commercial and Retail Leasing 
  • Commercial Landlord-Tenant
  • Disputed Inheritance of Real Estate
  • Easements and Right of Way
  • Disclosure Disputes
  • Specific Performance of Real Estate Contracts
  • Broker Commission Disputes
  • Escrow and Earnest Money Disputes
  • Trespass and Nuisance Claims