Real Estate Law Litigation and Transactions

Parsley & Makarin represent both individual and institutional clients in real estate matters. Clients include buyers, sellers, lenders, property managers, developers, landlords and tenants in a wide variety of real estate disputes and transactions, such as the following:

Practice areas

  • Tenancy in Common ("TIC") Creation

  • Tenancy in Common ("TIC") Disputes

  • Tenancy in Common ("TIC") Dispute Mediations

  • Private Buy-Sell Transactions

  • Commercial Leasing

  • Loan Documentation, Deeds & Deeds of Trust

  • Trust and Trust Disputes

  • Partition, Quiet Title Actions, Adverse Possession, Boundary, and Access Disputes

  • Construction Disputes and Mechanics Liens

  • San Francisco Residential Landlord-Tenant

  • Commercial and Retail Leasing

  • Commercial Landlord-Tenant

  • Disputed Inheritance of Real Estate

  • Easements and Right of Way

  • Disclosure Disputes

  • Specific Performance of Real Estate Contracts

  • Broker Commission Disputes

  • Escrow and Earnest Money Disputes

  • Trespass and Nuisance Claims